Arduino dashboard and data logger

Create a dashboard and a data logger for Arduino using the serialport library.

The project that we are finally going to build, will look something like this:


The complete project could be found here on the github repo.


Serialport selector: A graphical user interface component that allows you to select the serialport for your Arduino.


Dashboard: A dashboard that prints the real time values on the screen and also draws charts.


Datalogger: A data logger that will read data from arduino and save it on your computer in csv format.


Getting started

  • Clone this repository
  • cd examples/arduino-dashboard
  • Upload the arduino.ino file to the arduino.
  • Open project file arduino-dashboard.qrk to edit project, or build file to run the project in Quark.

Running the project

  • Open the build file in Quark.
  • Press ctrl+p and select the COM port of your arduino from the serial port selector.
  • To start the data logger, open the commands palette by pressing ctrl+shift+p, and select Datalogger: Start command. You will see a notification on the bottom right of your screen if the logger was started.
  • To stop the data logger, open the commands palette and select command Datalogger: Stop. This will open a save dialog where you can enter the path of the file where you want to save your data.
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